Group Finance Director

UK Multi-sector Talent Mapping Project

We conducted a Market Mapping Project for a newly created role within a tier one construction company. The Group Finance Director Talent Mapping Project required us to draw up a list of target organisations from which to select candidates. We agreed with our client that we would branch out across sectors to widen our search. The brief from our client was to map out the finance teams in all of the agreed target organisations while highlighting the candidates that we thought would be suitable for the Group Finance Director roles.

After a systematic mapping exercise, we uncovered a talent pool of 185 candidates from across the UK. We returned to our client's brief and ranked each candidate based on a set of essential and desirable attributes and further shortlisted this long list down to 40 attractive candidates. This project took the team two weeks to complete from the initial briefing call to the delivery of a full Mapping Report. The Mapping Report included recommendations and was discussed with our client's executive search consultant. Our client successfully hired an external candidate from our shortlist.

This Market Mapping Project was of enormous benefit to our client's internal recruitment executive. Not only was the research conducted promptly, in just two weeks, but we were also able to save a significant amount of money in recruitment fees for our client. As we produced a complete Market Map of key individuals in each finance team of the target organisations, the results of the research were transferable to other searches in the Group Finance Director's team. Therefore, our client obtained multiple benefits of working with Hybrid Search that was far-reaching and of great value.

"We were really pleased that we could deliver to our client multiple benefits in a single search. We knew that there would be significant savings for this hire and any future hires made off the back of having a valid and transferable list of financial teams from the targeted organisations. It's Market Mapping Projects like this which enable us to bring all of the team's strengths into play in order to help the client out".

David Wilson, Co-founder and Director | Hybrid Search

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