We are experienced recruiters within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) field. The North West boasts of a strong STEM core, with industry at its heart, and over time we have forged strong connections with allied businesses and educational networks in the region. The team has conducted international Executive Search and Consulting projects for some of the worlds largest chemical companies, to smaller more specialised and niche businesses.

We have extensive experience working across the Industrial Sciences industry, in particular in chemicals, petrochemicals and manufacturing sectors. Our knowledgeable team has successfully delivered numerous senior technical and senior commercial searches.


We are leaders in infrastructure executive search, specialising in construction and aviation. Our knowledgeable team has many years of experience managing search teams and recruiting professionals for the infrastructure sector’s leading roles.

We understand the sector’s challenges and its potential for growth; and play a fundamental role in helping our clients meet the demands of their projects. Due to the high turnover of most critical roles, and a need for multiple placements across projects, we bring a strategic and fluid approach to recruitment.

We are proud to work with businesses involved in the UK’s infrastructure growth, including Tier 1 construction contractors.

We understand the construction sector and the people challenges it faces - they are all issues that can be improved with the correct mid and senior hires. That’s where we come in…

With a contract to support a leading UK airport group with all their search and consulting requirements, we are well placed to support businesses in the UK’s aviation sector.