Our Story

Hybrid Search was founded in March 2017 by friends and colleagues Dave and Dan. Both top performers in their company, both had similar outlooks on life, and with entrepreneurial blood in both families, yearned to run their own business.

Dave and Dan knew there was a better way to service clients, a more effective process to recruit high potential individuals and a more ethical and transparent approach to do business.

Beers in hand, they shared these aspirations, and decided to leap into the unknown, together...

On their return to the UK, they went to their manager’s office and tendered their resignations. They trusted each other implicitly, and stuck firm on their decision, despite multiple attempts to stop them leaving.

Such a risk would have been too much for some. They had young families and enjoyed the stability of employment and a settled working life. Though confident in their abilities, they were never arrogant. But they could see a better way to run a business and a more wholesome way of living. Their belief in each other held firm, and with complementary skill sets, Dan’s in research and operations, and Dave’s in commercial, their collaboration was greater than sum of their parts. And so, in March 2017, Hybrid Search’s exciting story began… fortune favours the bold as they say!

In January 2020, Genevieve Mort joined Hybrid Search as a Director bringing broad experience across the energy sector and specifically Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power and related manufacturers and consultancies. The combined team possesses extensive experience delivering searches and consultancy projects for chemical distributors, manufacturers, refineries as well as trading arms.

In addition to Dave, Dan and Genevieve, they have invested in a Business Advisor (Dr John Bush) and a Research Advisor (Dr Henry Sidsaph). So while you’re here, why not meet the team?



We'll always spend a significant amount of time with you from the start. Firstly, so we understand you, your organisational needs, your people and culture, and your future plans. This ensures we know exactly what you need from us before we begin, saving you from the frustrations you get with other agencies (who don’t do this and have to backtrack). Secondly, we spend time together so you can get to know us better, and get to trust us too. It's our job to instil confidence in our clients.

While we work for you, we will always do everything in our capacity to ensure you're not only satisfied, but delighted with us. Clients really value the weekly check-in calls we use to make sure everything is going swimmingly!


An energetic and passionate team of recruitment experts, we love innovation and creative thinking. We get excited about reviewing new methods and testing our theories. At the same time we always make sure we deliver vigorously researched and robust pieces of work you’ll really value. We are a really experienced and knowledgeable team - which we're pretty proud of!

And talking of value, we take pride in being clear and fair in everything we do, and that includes our pricing structure. With us, you'll get all the benefits and added extras of a search firm, at prices more comparable with a recruitment consultancy.


We look at the big picture - your aims, values, and future ambitions. Only with this understanding can we solve your immediate challenges. We use it to inform the high calibre work we create for you. We're adaptable too, which helps us create tailored solutions with your end goal in mind.

Similarly, personal wellbeing and a holistic, healthy lifestyle are important for everyone. We love supporting our colleagues to be healthy by making sure they have the time, headspace, and tools they need. We enjoy biking, running and socialising together regularly.


We are a friendly, down to earth bunch of people who love helping our clients and celebrating our mutual success together. Positivity is a characteristic you could apply to the whole Hybrid Search team. You'll always hear laughter in our office. Someone once told us if you work around happy people, you're 25% more likely to be happy yourself. We really believe in the power of positivity, and once you’ve met us, you’ll know what we mean! Meet us, by getting in touch here.

"As a team we like to stay active, it's great to have North Wales on our doorstep, it's a fantastic place to spend our quarterly day out. Dave is a keen runner and Dan loves Tennis, they encourage me to keep fit all the time".

Dr Henry Sidsaph, Research Advisor | Hybrid Search

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