At Hybrid Search, we have a strong track record of consulting across several important Industrial Science sectors from Construction to Chemicals. We help companies research and plan for their existing recruitment projects and future hiring strategies - this includes talent mapping, market insights, competitor analysis, salary surveys, and pipelining and succession planning work. If you have additional overarching goals like getting your ‘Cost of Hire’ down, or improving retention, we can help. In addition to HR specific research, we conduct strategic insights which help mid to senior level decision makers with their needs. This can be as simple as a couple of days developing an understanding of a topic area, explore recent literature and legislation, or a more comprehensive impact study.

Our range of consulting services and flexible approach ensures our clients get a bespoke service, tailored to their specific needs.


We help organisations to meet their future talent strategy plan. Where there is an ongoing demand for a particular skill set over a longer period of time, Hybrid Search can create a ‘talent map’’. We do this by looking at competitor organisations and we pipeline potential candidates, either for immediate hire or future engagement. We can also analyse their ‘talent’ and potential – how can they add value to your business now, and where they can deliver value in the future. This can be particularly useful aid in succession planning at a strategic level.


We can showcase a true reflection of our clients’ top competitors. This includes company structure, salary details, position titles, an understanding of company culture, as well as employees length of service and their contact details. We provide a Competitor Analysis project which highlights invaluable information to companies that are looking to create new roles or implement new team structures.


If you are looking for us to conduct some bespoke research, we have the capability and experience to perform this for you. Our enquiry and research design processes are unique to each study we undertake as we start from the research needs of our clients and build a study around them.

Whether you would like to find out more about a given market or build your understanding of a topic, conduct an impact study, or test an idea, we would love to work with you to help you achieve this.


Here are just some of the ways we like to work on a consulting project:

  • High calibre - we will always stick to your brief. We take time the to ensure we know exactly what you need, and then we deliver it. Our team is made up of professional doctoral level research skills, industry knowledge and commercial awareness that comes from engaging with many professionals over a long period of time.

  • Trustworthy - you will want to have a piece of work that is useful and has impact when we hand it over to you. We know you trust us to get this exactly right and as a result we are invested in your success. We conduct regular updates and touch.

  • Quick and efficient - it’s our job to make this easy for you. You don’t have time for it not to be. We work energetically and intensively on all our consulting projects, and pride ourselves on our ability to turnaround quality work in a short timeframe.

  • Cost-effective - we’ve heavily invested in our research arm, to provide you with work that is extremely good value for money. When you don’t have the bandwidth to deliver research tasks within your team, we’re here to do it for you, at a reasonable price.

  • Confidential and discrete - we are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of recruitment, and we’re extremely careful when handing all aspects of your recruitment, not only with candidates, but also when we’re succession planning with you.


We take pride in being clear and fair in everything we do, and that includes our project pricing structure. We’ll always quote you for a project within 2 days of accuracy, at the most! And we’ll keep in touch with you throughout the process, ensuring you’re happy with progress.

Contact us now for a chat about your consulting requirements, and how we can provide you with that piece of research you don’t have the time or resource to do yourselves.