Head of Facade Engineering

UK Multi-sector Talent Mapping Project

We conducted a Talent Mapping Project for a role that is traditionally very difficult to recruit for; Head of Facade Engineering. Our client wanted us to find the right potential candidates for the role and also to identify a talent pool of team members as a new team would be built to support the Head of Facade Engineering. We were specifically tasked to map out ten organisations in a top-down approach. Our client then had a comprehensive list of names in the outlined organisations from which to make appointments.

Over the course of two weeks, we conducted the Talent Mapping Project covering the ten organisations and expanded this into other organisations that we thought would complement the existing list. We examined each of the 118 individuals and assessed their potential fit for the Head of Facade Engineering and Regional Facade Manager role, and whether they were a high potential individual. We provided our client with as much information on the individuals identified as possible such as their name, company, experience, location, qualifications, an indication of openness to be approached, and an online profile link. Our client brought four candidates to be interviewed, narrowed this down to two exceptional candidates and then appointed their new Head of Facade Engineering. As a result of the Talent Mapping Project of entire teams, our client was able to then able to identify key individuals from which to build their new team.

The bespoke nature of a Talent Mapping Project creates substantial value. Our client was able to save time and money in recruitment fees for each team member hired. They were also able to immediately support their new Head of Facade Engineering in professionally building a team by having a comprehensive target list ready to make hires from.

"Talent Mapping Projects allow us to take a deep enough dive into a talent pool by examining individuals, entire teams, organisations, or whole sectors. They allow our clients to have an up-to-date snapshot of their competitors or likeminded organisations and enable them to conduct strategic decision making from career development of existing staff to acquisition of new staff. We at Hybrid Search in essence become an extension of our clients internal recruitment and strategic decision making teams, and as a result we add value in an agile way."

David Wilson, Co-founder and Director | Hybrid Search

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