SSHEQ Director

Talent Mapping and Engagement Project

We were asked to lead a confidential Talent Mapping and Engagement Project for a newly created SSHEQ Director role for a Tier 1 construction company with a Head Office located in London. We initially examined 20 competitor organisations, mapping the talent pool of individuals who were ready to step-up into the SSHEQ Director role, for example, those who were currently in a 'head of' or similar role. Through our initial mapping exercise, we identified 46 candidates for our client from a much longer list and proactively engaged with them to explore the people behind the profile.

After we identified the long-list of candidates, we confidentially approached individuals to assess their openness new career opportunities. After conducting discrete conversations with the identified individuals and providing them with an information pack, we were in a position to deliver our client with a highly detailed picture of each candidate, including; an outline of their career history, current role and responsibilities, professional and personal motivations, current salary and package details and timelines for their next career move. We submitted a Project Report highlighting our findings and conclusions from the mapping and engagement exercise to our client's internal Talent Acquisition and Executive Search Consultant, where they took over the next phase of the recruitment process.

The three week Talent Mapping and Engagement Project enabled our client to be sure that when they were ready to approach potential candidates, they would be confident that they would be contacting those who were open to new career opportunities. Furthermore, the amount of knowledge obtained from each candidate was equivalent to an internal interviewing process and long-listing process, thereby saving resources in the form of both time and money. By inviting Hybrid Search to lead this project, our client was able to free-up their internal recruitment capacity and focus on other projects, thereby maintaining their momentum as concurrent activities were taking place.

"Engaging with candidates confidentially is extremely important. We want to be able to give someone as much information as we possibly can to then conduct a meaningful conversation without compromising the anonymity of our client. Our discrete but informed approach serves us well when establishing relationships with potential candidates; they are informed, valued, and engaged with the process."

David Wilson, Co-founder and Director | Hybrid Search

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