Establishing a Sustainable Business Through Key Hires

A chemicals case study in Yorkshire, England

A speciality chemicals manufacturer based in Yorkshire had become somewhat of an anomaly within the industry. Having been founded in 1980, the family run business had been built into an efficient and profitable small enterprise. As a result of this success takeover by a new management group followed.

Following the takeover, the new management team planned for an exciting period of company growth through building their commercial presence within the industry on both a local and global level. This required the creation of two senior leadership roles; a Supply Chain Manager and Technical Manager.

Facing an uphill battle in attracting professionals from larger corporations, the small business asked Hybrid Search to lead the charge by running side-by-side searches for the essential positions.

Hybrid developed specific target lists for each role with the goal of identifying professionals in larger, corporate companies that had the required experience and were ready to take on a larger and more visible role. Finding candidates with the right personality was key as they would have to enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck into a challenging environment.

A tailored Candidate Information Pack was developed in order to attract professionals with the right mindset and to overcome the minimal awareness of the company within the industry. The pack marketed the client’s brand, values and culture, painting a picture of what life within the company and role would look like.

Following initial approaches, Hybrid Search conducted assessments with the interested and available candidates. This led to creating shortlists for each role. With the client relying heavily on Hybrid’s input, the shortlists were presented in a face-to-face discussion with the business’ ownership.

The subsequent interviews revealed stand out candidates for each role, resulting in the chemicals manufacturer welcoming two new senior staff to their team. This success was a major step in growing the business and establishing a larger commercial presence.

"The Candidate Information Packs are a powerful marketing tool for our clients. We spend a lot of time ensuring that we know the job role and more importantly, the culture of our client. That way, expectations are matched, and prospective candidates can buy into the narrative of the company. When we conduct an initial briefing meeting with our clients we position ourselves as an extension of their HR function, and it feels good to be part of what is often an exciting time for a company that is looking to hire new people."

Henry, Head of Research | Hybrid Search

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