Chemical Business at a Crossroads

A chemicals case study in the North West of England

A leading European manufacturer of specialist chemical products was at a critical point in recruiting key positions within their business. They were in need of two essential roles to succeed retiring incumbents; a Key Account Manager and a Technical Plant Manager. Although the business had a rich heritage, they were a new name in the market and there wasn’t a great awareness of them within the industry. In order to attract candidates capable of taking the business forward, they turned to Hybrid Search to run side by side proactive searches for each role.

With a competitive market for talent in an industry landscape that was suffering from a skills shortage, the business required specific experience on similar assets. They were also ideally looking for candidates that could provide long term value to the business as well as energy to an ageing workforce.

With an already narrowed talent pool to headhunt from, Hybrid set out by creating a target list of companies that would require the same skills within their company structures. These companies were then mapped out to identify the candidates with the necessary attributes to be successful within their respective roles.

Following an efficient engagement process, the interested and available candidates were assessed on their technical and behaviour skills to ensure they were appropriate then shortlisted for interview by our client. Ultimately, two candidates were extended offers and accepted, both were enthusiastic and ambitious with chances to grow within the business and lead it forward:

  • The successful candidate for the Technical Plant Manager role was a great fit for the company, both from a cultural and skill-set perspective. Having been looking for a company that had a growth plan capable of matching his professional goals, the timing could not have been better;

  • Having expressed significant interest in all three candidates shortlisted for the Key Account Manager role, the Hiring Manager ultimately decided on an individual that Hybrid had attracted from a direct competitor as his market knowledge was a step above the rest.

"Getting succession planning right is a skill in itself; the right successor can help to maintain growth momentum in a business. We like to plan for companies well in advance so that a transition period can be enjoyable and productive. We understand that sometimes the need for succession comes unexpectedly; as a result, we like to conduct a comprehensive search with speed and accuracy but with the understanding from the client on exactly what is needed."

David Wilson, Co-founder and Director | Hybrid Search

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